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When my good friend, Julie asked me to write a blog for the CATHOLIC FINISH STRONG web site, I was a bit hesitant. Frankly, I’d never read a blog, much less written one. But, eventually I said “YES.” 

So, my Catholic friends, I’ll be learning how to “blog.” I promise to write only about things that spiritually affect me and that I truly believe will be of interest to the folks who visit CATHOLIC FINISH STRONG. I also promise that everything I write will be totally truthful and honest … otherwise, why bother?

May God Bless You,

Steve Timm


by Steve Timm on 07/06/17



I believe we all agree that we cannot actually see God, but I’m convinced that we can see reflections of Him in His incredible works.  


During my relatively lengthy adventure in the Yukon Territory, I experienced many such reflections.  Let me tell you about one of them … the arctic aurora borealis, commonly known as the “northern lights.”


We were on the Arctic Circle, or very close to it and we were hunting Dall sheep and caribou.  Our hunt lasted from the tenth of August until the end of the month.  


When we first arrived in our spike camp on Snake River, the sun ran around the horizon for almost eighteen hours each day and the fleeting hours of darkness were more like daybreak.    By the time we left, three weeks later, the daylight had shortened to fifteen hours daily and the “night” was really dark.


 When the daylight is shortening a full ten-minutes every day, you know who is in control … and it is God.




On the Arctic Circle, as the nights got longer and darker, we were treated to an incredible light show every evening.   Scientists tell us that the aurora is caused by solar winds, ionized gasses in earth’s atmosphere and such.  While I’m sure this is true, there is no doubt that the northern lights are more … much more.


It was like a psychedelic experience, but without LSD.  


After dinner, Rudy and I would find a good clearing in the frozen wilderness.  Then, laying on our backs, we’d watch the flowing neon-like display of the northern lights.  My gosh, night after night, it was a full-sky waterfall of red, blue, green, orange and yellow that moved and whipped about in the most delightful way. 


One other thing stood out … the incredible silence.  Above us was the ultimate display of flashing and thrashing colors.  And yet, the wilderness was silent … as if totally in the awe of God’s Radiance. 


One night, late in our hunt, we had been watching what we called ‘God’s Picture Show’ for over an hour when a pack of wolves broke the silence by howling loudly.  At that, Rudy whispered, “He made it all, all of this.  Didn’t He?”  


And I answered, “Yup, He did … and although we’ve been watching this for several nights, I still cannot believe the beauty of it.  Maybe it’s a tiny foretaste of Heaven.” 


As if being turned off by an electric switch, the marauding wolves became quiet and we spent the rest of the evening watching the aurora.  Watching God’s Light Show and being alone in our own thoughts … life surely cannot get any better than that. 


Indeed, my singular reaction, when remembering the arctic aurora borealis, is that the phenomenon is a Reflection of the Face of God.  


Given the beauty of the Northern Lights, that is all it can be.


May God Bless You


by Steve